Gibbs 10th anniversary logo

Ten years ago, Rochester's newest elementary school opened its doors as George W. Gibbs Jr. Elementary School in Northwest Rochester.

George W. Gibbs Jr. Elementary School has a rich history behind its name. Rochester resident, Mr. George W. Gibbs Jr. , inspired the name and traditions within the school. Mr. Gibbs was born in Florida in 1916.  He was an avid explorer and the first African-American explorer to set foot on Antarctica in 1941. During his Antarctica expedition, Mr. Gibbs studied penguins for the Smithsonian Institution. In 2009, two important places, which are continents apart, were named after Mr. Gibbs; a rocky point on the Antarctic Peninsula called Gibbs Point, and our latest public school, George W. Gibbs Jr. Elementary.  After the school was named, the students chose their mascot, the penguin, honoring Mr. Gibbs expeditions in Antarctica.

Mrs. Joyce Gibbs, the wife of late George Gibbs Jr., was a substitute teacher at Gibbs for several years. She enjoyed spending time with the students and sharing her husband’s story. Traditions such as the annual talent show, 5th-grade recognition, musical concerts, and the Fun Run, have kept the Gibbs students and parents engaged over the past ten years.  Gibbs PTA has supported the school with annual back-to-school picnics, carnivals, student appreciation day, and many more activities. 

Initial enrollment at Gibbs was just over 650 students in 2009 and is now serving more than 840 students in grades kindergarten through 5th.  The  substantial growth in those 10 years is due to a population increase in NW Rochester and the addition of District wide, all day, every day Kindergarten. As a result, Gibbs added on 4 classrooms and cafeteria space in 2014. 

This year on April 25, also known as World Penguin Day, the students and staff celebrated George W. Gibbs Jr. Elementary School's 10th anniversary with special events including crafts, photos, parties, videos, and surprise guest readers. 

A class gathered for a photo with their teacher and a community member.
Mrs.Gibbs reading to a class of students at Gibbs Elementary

Storytime with Mrs. Gibbs. 

Mrs. Reed's 1st grade class had the opportunity to listen to a penguin tale with Mrs. Gibbs!

Gibbs Penguin Mascot hugging students, celebrating 10 years.
A community member posing for a photo with the penguin mascot.

Thank you to our Gibbs teachers!

For the dedication you have given to inspire, challenge, and empower, all of the students over the last 10 years.

A large group photo of faculty and staff celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Gibbs.